35mm is simply the width of a standard film roll, which has become the name for the world’s most popular screening format for over 100 years. Exactly 34.98 mm or 1.38 inches in Anglo-American unit length, introduced by two inventors William Dickon and Thomas Edison in 1892.

The size was soon to become the standard format for screenings, which allowed movies to be replicated throughout the world. Can see 35mm as the symbol of connectivity & popular movie; Furthermore, convey the love of cinema to everyone, without any distinction or limitation. Connecting the movie lovers, the same direction to the deep, beautiful values that cinema brings is the goal and the reason we choose 35mm as the name of the group.

From here, “4098” was born with the desire to make objective but quality film reviews, and as full as possible. In addition, 35mm.vn is also the place for the discussion, sharing, viewing angles, emotions about the movie or the unforgettable segments in the cinema. Because cinema is a wonderful and fascinating art form. And the most important thing is that a good movie can do a lot for people to enjoy and feel it, including changing a life.

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