A New music Theatre style..

This is the practice of thinking that is quite common in contemporary art: the eradication of modernist professionalism and the realization of genre ontological discourse. This manifests itself in interdisciplinary efforts, the commitment to dismantling rules created by modernist life distribution, visualizing the work as being involved in the living space. -song. It means, the art of participating in the “re-distribution of the senses” (translated from “the (re) distribution of the sensible”) by Jacques Rancière’s suggestion: “… sensory distribution is a system of facts.” of the awareness which both reveals the existence of something in common and reveals divisions that determine the parts and corresponding positions within it.

This division of parts and position is based on a time-space distribution, and the forms of activities that shape the customary practice of making something common become relevant for participation and That way different individuals have a part in this coordination. ” Bringing oneself into art is an aesthetic – political act. Art is not identified by the distinctive quality that belongs to a select few, but rather the practical activity of life everywhere, at every moment of anyone.

From here I can say, Manos Tsangaris’ “Love a lot” is strongly inspired by the Rancière with an introduction like this: “In urban life, we can fall into strange situations, especially when we hold with a specific type of dating. Then all our cases started in the bar … that’s nothing special, is it?

But it is all about theater and music, all about people becoming more knowledgeable about each other, about dividing different perspectives on the same cohesive thing … ”. Performing arts with / on walking, sitting, talking and talking – things woven together / with the face of life.

There is the appearance of a solid life, the appearance of an immense life, the appearance of a beautiful life, the appearance of an ugly life, an appearance of a poetic life, an appearance of stifling life, with a fresh free-living appearance … During the June 7, 2017 talk at the Academy of Music, Tsangaris spoke of “musical thinking”. His basic idea is as follows: everything is a composition already.

Interventions, regulation, design, invention, etc. yield a “aesthetic form” that is equivalent to a political campaign. Indeed, the fundamental problem of politics is that they can see, feel, hear, speak and attempt to verify them both as belonging and separate from public life.

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