Before Sunrise (1995) – Human life before the wind…

I’ve been watching “Before Sunrise” after reviewing so many times of watching “Before Midnight” which brings to me much more experience. Like as the track and answer questions at the same time. We often wonder that, for another year, two years, ten years from now, we will be, on the surface, about thinking, about personality, about work … about everything. Will we be happy, whether the things we think are important still is the priority? But above all, the question is whether we will still be yourself when the time passes, and time can alter and distort who innocently looking at us in the mirror like. That’s what you can find in this series. And more or less, whether you are 20 years old or over 40, you’ll still see themselves in it.

By the way, I am writing this in 23 years, also Jesse and Celine equivalent when they met on the train. Seen as a milestone for comparison with me after 18 years, if I’m alive. Goodbye! Goodbye! Au revoir! Later!

Before Sunrise foremost a beautiful film. Beautiful from the frame, which is intended to promote tourism to a very beautiful city is Vienna (and a large number of tourists have come here after seeing the film, no doubt), coming from a director put some context for the dialogue, on the bus, the subway, the streets at night or on board a café, two actors from viewers on how they talk, endless thoughts and their exciting , how they share the secrets, how they disagree, how they love, the film by the faded beauty. I think that will be equally great if this is the only work, Before Sunset and unneeded Before Midnight, I will not regret, though the other two films are masterpieces.

Has anyone measured by long-short life, as measured by the moments that they feel truly alive and happy. There are five long months packed in one night only, I do not care if Jesse got married, then divorced, tangled trouble in parenting, or Celine became a plump women, do not know how to dutiful mother and find backwater. Every moment in Before Sunrise are a last moment, every breath they give each other the last breath, their youth to stay in the night was elated, and they will remember each other as an angel, someone harmony and dedicated to her in the heart. I think it would be nice not least the cursing, jealousy, quarreling, and hurt each other.

The most amazing thing in the context of the film. That was in 1995 and who would not want to have a night like this? Jesse, lost love and wandering on the train, reading a book and look at the landscape glide through the window. By chance he meets Celine, a beautiful French girl, smart right from the first sentence of the couple lose their ability to hear each other. They do not know each other, they are not where they live, they have no mutual friends. That makes the safe. And in 1995, I thought to invite a girl to train a little bit easier than this century, is still only about safety. But Jesse and Celine had noticed each other before, they feel attracted to, and have a relationship.

Who has not at one time, or in dreams, would like to meet her love in that way? All of them are accidental, not introduced, without any arrangement or any previous acquaintance. Who would not want to believe that their love is by fate?

But deep Before Sunrise and touch the viewer more than just romance style overnight. First to mention the talents of Linklater, is not easy to tell a story entirely in dialogue, with very little drama from the action. His ingenuity embodied in the small pauses between the stories, such as Jesse and Celine listen to music, “Come here” Kath Bloom’s music salon, looking at each other in awkward and shy, a how lovely scene, or the frame of the park, statues, benches … to interrupt the rhythm after a long dialogue, help the audience not be overwhelmed and have time to feel about what just heard, the cut scenes about people in Vienna is also very worthwhile. This sophistication has followed him to the latter two films.

There are many ways to love a movie, especially with the film there are many things to love as Before Sunrise, with me is empathy. I love the way Jesse and Celine walk through the streets at night, one of the points that I have feelings than part 2, the space at night. I remember the streets I’ve ever come across, or a few moments in the past, I have a feeling that night will never go away. Time seems to stop, an eternal darkness, like the lovers in the film have said, the space of dreams. That is no longer the real time again, when the most beautiful things blend into one, youth, love, the vibration, the eagerness of a strange place to explore, someone to share things deepest. Since they only meet once in your life, they can talk about everything without fear will affect their own lives. And streets that night, with ancient houses, fountains, strangers talking, golden light on the walls or sparkling in the distance vehicles, all things are become more soulful and familiar. There, they touch each other and no longer lonely.

I found something in common with Jesse. His feeling of illness does not exist and when we talk about ourselves, each child will have been through? Or not? “He’d never been where he was not there. He had never kissed anyone, which is not one of them. He never went to the movies, if your audience is not. ” Jesse does not have a happy family, and do not believe in love, and know that what will happen when people live together. In the joke it was a weak heart. Especially when he talks about conflict in a dream, the dream to be a father, become a family and caring for others, very close. But then found that it could ruin his life, about what he wanted to do, fear of relationships. That’s me, I understand that feeling, and still struggle with it. Strange to say, every dialogue in the film is like coming from somewhere inside, not through speakers, through another character.

When viewed Before Midnight, everyone knows the answer. Jesse divorce as what you fear, what you do not want one, and then live with Celine and have children. Thoughts, fears that’s just the naive young, and forgotten. I wonder if that is what will happen, what makes us lose a lot of time to worry, to find a path, finding a satisfactory solution, they become a sponge and takes shape while to a certain age.

“Once I had an uncle. He once said to me that have spent a lifetime to think about a career. He was 52 years old and realized that he had never really done anything for themselves. Lifetime not for anyone, for nothing. He almost cried when saying that. I believe if there is any kind of divine, is not someone among us. Not you or me, but rather the space in between us. If there is any magic on this planet, it must be efforts to understand someone, sharing something.

You know, this is almost impossible, but who really cares? The answer surely lies in the attempt. “

Apologies for quoting a dialogue, answer Jesse Celine after hearing about the family dream. These days, I’m really in crisis with understanding. I believe that man will never understand each other. How do we understand each other here, when everyone living a private life and personal problems? How do we understand each other here, as more grown up, the more we lose the ability to share and want to share? When we no longer innocent, no longer believe and put too much disappointment when expectations? When we no longer have the patience for each other? And would be easier if we just packed back to relax and spend all that effort for one person, instead of the many, and try to seek happiness in that, with a little chance to find the right person, will be able to understand and not be alone.

Even Jesse and Celine did not understand each other. That’s the future. These contradictions, doubts in their life together, they are further apart. I think that’s how people, including spouses, gradual acceptance of the relationship: me and you, and me, me and him, will understand each other in a few items, and will try to harmonize or tolerate each other in the other hand. The issue is no longer about trying to touch the more deep in the soul, to no longer feel lonely as youth. There is nothing there anymore, or no one there. All just moments, small moments of a ride, a journey, a night before morning and feel yourself completely in harmony, become one with others, safe and entirety. Sometimes we seek lifetime and still not get that moment, as Jesse and Celine, even after 18 years they are the stars. Before Sunrise more beautiful, when put together with Before Midnight and vice versa, is so.

The end of the movie scene, when the couple were leaving, bring different emotions every review. At times, I felt so sad and lonely. Still the places they went through, but in the day and without people, seems to become alienated. Somewhere witnessed a love story, like any other love story, they left and did not return. Sometimes, I find that these places become more familiar, having associated with each anniversary, each scored their footprint in the most beautiful moment of my life. I’m old enough to understand his sense of love somewhere, because attached to your loved one. It will never be the same again.

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