Cristiano Ronaldo and remarkable milestones

Two goals to Sporting Gijon’s net help Real Madrid continue their streaks of unbeaten matches to 31, and more importantly, it helped Cristiano Ronaldo conquer a familiar landmark: scoring 50 goals per year.
For six years in a row, Ronaldo has surpassed everything to prove his worth.
Penalty, tap-in, they say his goals are too simple. But they forgot that he maintained that utopian efficiency when the partners such as Higuain, Ozil, Di Maria turn away.
Real Madrid conquered the Decima dream after more than a decade, saying they were nothing without the shining minutes of Ramos and Bale. But they forgot that he had suffered pain in the finals and said: “In life you can not be satisfied with what you have achieved and take risks.” At that time, he set a record of 17 goals in a Champions League season.
And then Portugal won the Euro 2016 championship, they said he was a great eater when he was out of the game. But they forgot the way Ronaldo was in spite of everything, including the risk of ending his career for the colors of the shirt two years earlier. From failure at the 2014 World Cup to the glory of Euro 2016, anyone else besides him revived Portugal from the ashes?
Six years is enough for a player to pass the peak, enough to quench the thirst of a man who has too much of a title. But not with Ronaldo. At the age of 31, when some people were on the other side of the career slope, he was still here to challenge them all
“Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable”

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