“Father and son and …”

For him, his movie “Father and son and …” is about love. Characters exist as love faces, I add, so they should be perceived in a more charismatic, abstract, conceptual way than traditional characters. He has no intention of making a film struggling for the LGBT community because before the pain, love and people are equal.
Not to mention the people in general are not bad. Each person has a pain of compassion to weigh and measure. Everyone has weakness or cynicism. It is important that we ultimately reach out.

The film has very personal scenes, merely derived from the feeling that it should be and put in.
Film needs something to be liked, otherwise art films are easily locked in. The awful thing is that now the space for film arts is very difficult, so the financial worry is a sincere, sincere concern.

The story from the audience

I often flinch when I go to the conversation because I often encounter touching words. Emerging is the type of talking about “not understanding”. It is attributed to the “not understanding” the reasons for lack of dignity and then choosing behavior seems narrow. I do not like and no longer find the expression that “it is difficult for Vietnamese people to accept this art film” is logical or realistic. When I “do not understand” I will learn and learn. If I study and still do not understand, I think it will prevent me from being kind or rich. I once did not understand some of the details in a very common film, shown on television. Later, I realized that I had trained myself to remove some “common sense” and disabled some sets of conventions.
I think the director responded well. I do not fully share it with you. The movie “Father and son and …” are miserable, lonely faces of love rather than love. If I choose what is love in the movie, I can only see the sparkle in the relationship between Van and Vu. They look at each other, they see each other in hardship, twisted and encouraged each other strong, cherish life, enjoy. The rest is almost writhing, squirming between swamp seeking, lust.

Some people are interested in the shape, the beauty of the layout, the frame, even the “fashion” of it. And I acknowledge the director’s fondness for female and non-masculine characters.
“Father and son and …” must be soaked in the sweat of creation. The director has been pursuing it for 20 years. Amidst the faintness of Fenili, Antonioni, Tran Anh Hung, Thai Minh Luong, I saw Phan Dang Di’s creative personality – a “patterned” mark. Maybe I have few connections but I admire and wait for new adventures and commitments.

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