List of Movies for the winter!

Winter often seeded in the minds of many joyful memories of before the end of a new year. The following films are not under the theme of Christmas, just seeing them, I think more or less to the winter of the year last season, could also wait nearly as season, season bye … The following films can reveal movie content, you need to consider when reading.

Il Mare (2000)
Opening the winter movie list, I want to say to Il Mare (Siworae) of Korea. Time brings a strange idea of Il Mare. The film has given me a new idea of time, and winter in Il Mare presence as a third element of love and nostalgia. Christmas and New Year, the two protagonists had perfected his life in endless space, and alone. They lived together for 2 years, and the same as owners of homes on the coast, where the mysterious mailbox of the house to help two can exchange letters with each other every day. There is a detail in the film, when Eun Joo Sung Hyun write to advise you to stay warm on a snowy night, the sky will be very cold that day, the snow is very thick, and he was smiling to herself when Eun Joo wrote what right is ongoing. Even then, all of a sudden I felt very warm, want to embrace the cold that brings Il Mare, want to live in a house by the sea alone, write to someone without meeting, a something gentle wistfulness goes smoothly through December in me.

2. My Blueberry Night (2007)

My Blueberry Nights is an English-speaking films of Wong Kar Wai’s first, with the participation of actors from Hollywood (Jude Law, Natalie Portman, David Strathaim) and singer famous Jazz – Norah Jones. Scenario My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar Wai wrote a short film based on the development of In the Mood for Love, a cinematographic work about love my favorite. On a winter night, his pastry cafĂ© owner Jeremy (Jude Law), he casually acquainted with Elizabeth when she went to shop to find her lover. There is a particular thing always consistent Jeremy blueberry cake after the club closes, so guests do not have to eat cake bear it, she just likes to dish Beth immensely. Beth’s heart that the love and the life wondering when immersed in wild joy nostalgic about the future, the long weary night in large cities. In each, Jeremy still listening and waiting for you at night and blueberry cake. Shortly after, she decided to leave New York to go across the country by bus. Her to Memphis and worked in the morning and dinner at a restaurant and a bar. Then she went to school across the country and met many people, each person left her many happy and sad story both. Returning to Manhattan, she returned to visit old cafes as well in a winter night, when Jeremy was moved forward to her shop and also familiar with cakes. New journey of Elizabeth and Jeremy began. Winter traveling along Elizabeth when she discovered and bare inner emotional world through the United States en route, the winter and then return to the love of her and Jeremy, with exotic flavors of cakes blueberry, sweet and sour mix as her own life.

3. High the Red Lantern (1991)

Is a classic cinematographic works of Zhang Yimou, high Red Lantern opened the door for us to look inside a Chinese feudal family of the 1920s; where, every woman in the house becomes a “x…xual selection” for husbands – their boss. Red Lanterns space always sliced each covered courtyard in the vast Chen, with two main colors: the red of blood and lanterns, white of snow immense. Lantern, which is a traditional decorations evoke the warmth unionists, but lanterns of Tran Phu also holds happy decisive role of each woman. And viewers will be unforgettable shake sprinkle of snow dunes on a high hanging lanterns, a “happy” to re-numb froze. Viewers will be unforgettable sequences A Jiang, her maid of Tung Lien himself kneeling between the cold winter sky, the snow thick, she was fainting because malaria. Death terminated for vanity lifetime dream lady Lady, death terminated the pitiable fate of the servant who serves as hostess dreams, death, loneliness and mediocrity like any other death of the woman Chen female before in government. Red Lantern high, a work that exudes the viewer to breathe air, by the harshness of the Chinese landlord class, by greed, brutality of those who would be the owner, both as victims of polygamy. As the winter snows, their fate turn to wait until the season called, sad, cold, lonely, one waits for his turn as the winter of the year: spring, summer, autumn, winter

4. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Not winter brings cold whole, as in the movie It’s Wonderful Life, winter is the embodiment of peace and healing. Film tells the story of a good-hearted businessman in the town of Bedford Falls fiction, George Bailey. He always put other people’s interests first, and constantly thinking of ways to help those around them. As a child, he used to break down the ice to save his brother left ear leads to broken, who helped his boss out of jail by mistake almost sold poison … Taking over his father’s loan stores just lost, but George to use that money to help the poor. Once having problems causing him undue risk to prison, and George decided to commit suicide. But good people can not see injustice, so God sent an angel to save this merchant, helped him realize life is still beautiful to how much, by giving George saw this town, life this would be like if he never existed. Film debuted at Christmas, has reinvigorated warm heart touches millions of viewers worldwide.

5. Fargo (1996)

“Anything can happen in a place unknown”. Where aimlessly on the roads it is winter in Fargo, a major city in the state of North Dakota. What happens is murder, a police officer and two civilians were shot dead not far apart. That is the story begins for classic Coens Brothers movie in 1996. Although the investigation, but did not create dramatic Fargo or forcing the viewer to speculate. Everything was clear from the start interpretive film, conspirators, criminals, the people involved. Instead, the film is a slice of the human person, in a sequence of actions and take further consequence, the general tone set in the violent, dark and very special humor. Space film completely covered in a white cold, and bring more suggestive. Fargo is not easy to see and easy movie favorite, because it concentrated more and surface material. Material here is the superb acting of the leading cast. Besides Steve Buscemi there McDomand Frances and Peter Stormare (as Carl and Gaear), are veteran in Hollywood. While William H.Macy too outstanding as Jerry. Material here was a script and original hand steady, part musical montage and wonderful, creating a work atmosphere and unique experience. Fargo takes time to understand, to penetrate, and is one of the few films inspired by real cases, the most successful network.

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