“Lust Caution” – The grimace of the love

No one can deny the truth: “Lust Caution” is the highest peak in Ang Lee’s career. The loose gown, the mysterious dreamy triangle, the sweat, the hair, all merged and flowed into a wild scene – the core of the WWII spy story – loving, passionate, passionate body displays erased the gloomy atmosphere and blows into Ang Lee’s cautious storytelling with fresh air. Love of Mr. Yee (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) and Ms. Mac (Tang Wei) seem to be inspired by the Kama Sutra legends, and perhaps even more so when Ang Lee wants to cross the line with Paul Verhoeven’s black book. from which he modifies some of the poignant postures of a love that smells of political calculus. And surely, what we see in “Lust & Caution” is an attempt to level out all the prejudices of contemporary society.

Set against the backdrop of Shanghai occupied by Japanese fascists; “Lust & Caution” is full of breath even though it is not dramatic enough to bring victory for the freedom fighters. Mac, with graceful grace, gradually penetrated into the depths of his family Translation, cleverly put the mahjong on the luxury table of the idle upper. The name Mac is the perfect cover for Wong Chia Chi, a pure girl from the Hong Kong folk music scene, to participate in the plot to assassinate Mr.. Yee – a two-person close to Japan has been convicted of selling water and killing people.

But Wong Chia Chi’s plan is full of holes. She plunged into a love affair with the preparation of the figure is not round. Despite that ambiguity, it was because of that ambiguity that her first encounter with the enemy on the big bed in his house was watered with passion for the flesh. naked. A brutal love, when the scandal of the Translation has accused his impatience with Wang Jia. The two chase each other, between the lines of false and the truth. The button in the psychological development of Yue and Wang pushed the film to the lane as no escape, and then another gap opened, revolving around violence, domination, suffering, and her Single. It is an inner struggle between the people in whom they have to choose their own beliefs or betrayals, stay or leave, commit themselves or turn their heads. The dramatic performance of Tang Wei sketches the obsessive obsession with Wang Jia Chi’s emotional conflicts, the suppression of pent-up rhythm in the turning point of the leveraged situation. But she did not overcome the temptation of the Sacred to be able to wrap herself in the safety of the precepts, where rational screams want to kill the foes that were struck down by love. Then she lost everything, leaving her fragile body as the wind flying in the guns of the execution team in the last hours of her life.

“Lust  Caution” again make Ang Lee in the grimace of the grim love of the world where the little girl is just a puppet being exploited by the ruthless hands of men. Who really loves Wang Yichin, not because of her use, both soul and flesh? Maybe, in a way, Dich Vuong and King through sexual attachments have become intimidated to fill the loneliness arising from the meaninglessness of war, but ultimately not translated in the name of love. Love to keep Wang staying with you. They were divided by death. Or will always be divided by death. From the beginning, they stood on two fronts not belonging to each other.

Ang Lee is a master in describing character psychology with meticulous and meticulous eyes. With a solid cast, Tony Leung’s exhilarating performance – Tang Wei, and soulful cinematography, the film has redefined its charm in the hearts of professionals and fans. .

Then we know that the name Wong Chia Chi will remain in real life, and “Lust & Caution” – as a myth – will still tell me about a girl who has lived passionately and lovingly .

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