“Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie” (2016) – The timely salvation of the cinema

In a year of cinematic disillusionment like this year, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie” is a salvation. This is my favorite movie in the Star Wars series, much better than the movie copycat The Force Awakens last year. The Rogue One is a glamorous, promising film with deep, persuasive characters, backed by Michael Giacchino’s great soundtrack. Best of all, the film has a great value – which is increasingly rare: When the film ends, we know that it has really come to an end.

Rogue One is the epic of unknown heroes. Those who are destined to change or hold the end of a war, but no one knows. In film and history, there are many people like them. As Alan Turing’s silent attack is depicted in the Imitation Game (2014). Without him, the Allies would have failed to win World War II, or spend a lot of time and lives to win. But Turing’s later life was not treated with merit.

There is another Turing in Star Wars universe, which is young girl Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones). Coincidence is the war between the Empire and the Resistance in the series was built from the inspiration of World War II. Using smart details from the previous Star Wars movies, the Rogue One story portrays the only adventures of the young Erso, without which she would not have A New Hope, or Luke Skywalker, Princess Lea, or whatever happens as the whole world knows. The Star Wars universe would be very boring, due to the absolute dominance of Darth Vader.

Taking time just before the events of A New Hope, the Rogue One tells the story of Darth Vader building Death Star, the ultimate weapon that can destroy the planet in a flash. Erso is the daughter of Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), the engineer who directly designs Death Star. Ignorant of evil, Galen has escaped with his family, but is not able to escape the Empire’s quest but directly to Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn). He killed Galen’s wife to force him to make Death Star. His little daughter, Jyn, escaped, with the help of the leader of the Resistance and a close friend of his father, Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker).

Rogue One’s prologue makes it easy for hardcore people to sigh. I thought that it would seem that taking an abandoned child, and putting on the complex conflicts or relationships with his father, could start any Star Wars movie. A kind of cosmic melodrama. Of course, give the child a task. After years of grip, Galen tried to send a message about how to destroy Death Star for a pilot, thanks to the switch to Saw. The pilot caught the attention of both the Empire and the other armies of the Resistance. A young soldier named Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is tasked with finding the pilot. His only way is through Jyn, because of her relationship with Saw. With the companion K-2SO, almost forced to follow the formula, they set off.

The film will take viewers traveling to many places, many planets in the galaxy. Audiences who are not Star Wars fans or have not seen the previous ones, may feel a bit upset. But when the plot goes to Jedha, everything becomes much simpler. The three meet the pilot, and the only way to destroy Death Star is to blow up the reactor – where Galen has a weak spot. The problem is that they must have a design of this weapon, and it is well protected in Scarif. With the help of two new members, blind warrior Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen) and assassin Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen), they set up an army of intruders to steal vital designs.

It’s always a good idea to blow up a reactor, you might think. Rogue One is not new in content, saying it is exactly 80% of The Force Awakens in the main quest. It also uses a few details to hook the love of the long-time fans, such as the appearance of the R2-D2 and C-3PO robot duo, or other celebrities. For a few moments, I felt like watching a clone of the seventh episode. But that’s always the case: A movie should only be judged when the credit line appears. The second half Rogue One is a great reward, a worthwhile experience. In the face of the action, it reached the level of Satisfaction of Mad Max: Fury Road last year, with a wonderful third. On the emotional side, it is complete and memorable, because the character is deep enough for us to care about. Rogue One is the most heartbreaking movie in the Star Wars series, as it dares to return the heroes to the ground. No one is selected or special in the main characters, even if they have no light or power sword, and they do not fight to win. They fight for salvation, both their hearts and their beliefs.

British actress Felicity Jones is the soul of the film. But saying “soul” does not mean that she replaces everything else, or everything else. The difference of good actors is that they create characters only by being present, even when there are not many backgrounds. Jones in Rogue One is such an actor. Thanks to that, she saved all the weaknesses in the film. The incomplete scenario puts Jones in a difficult position at the moment too early, or the speeches are too formal. But whenever we look at Jyn, we see the determination and courage of her spirit, so great that it touches our hearts. From there, everything limp becomes natural.

Other characters also have their place. Young Andoran soldiers with sinful pasts have enough space for inner intricacies. You’re real, because you can see it everywhere: The soldiers must kill for the sake of the ideal, and lose faith in what they believed. War is an attractive ideal, but not for good people. The K-2SO robot does a good job of humor, and in a story where everything is possible, the humorous ones are the most fun. The two actors from China, Chung and Don Jiang, did not appear to have as the case before. They interact with each other, have roles, have roles in the script lines, are marked. The martial arts are used properly, not to overwhelm but bring new and exciting for the Star Wars world.

As a child growing up dancing with swordlight, director Gareth Edwards has done Rogue One with love and respect. In what is repeated, like the battle scenes with the spacecraft, he tries to achieve the most Star Wars spirit and most correct. The last scene is the appearance of the character that every Star Wars fan wants to appear, and Edwards makes it worthwhile. I can imagine that the movie theater was full of shouts and applause, of course overseas. The new thing is that Edwards brings to the Rogue One a modern cinematic atmosphere, meaning more realistic, more serious, and more reliable. We know the power of the Death Star, but it has never been more frightening in the Rouge One, when we saw tons of huge rocks rise like the apocalypse. And how can you make a good war movie, without sacrifice? Rogue One has the necessary psychological weight, which even the main parts are rarely available.

Modern cinema has a rather unrewarding direction, as the film follows. Of course, there are audiences who will want to watch over and over again, and the producers are willing to please, as long as they have the money to go to the cinema. But this is killing one of the greatest pleasures of cinema, the enjoyment of a movie. People just give you enough, never at the highest level, because you have to save the next time. Why do we have to go to the cinema just to watch a movie on the big screen? What makes the difference, its most basic vitality, is that the viewer can reconcile with another world once, living with the characters once, can not find. The only thing that makes me love a movie forever.

Rogue One is like a reminder, that the full enjoyment of each beautiful moment. It’s just like the way we live this life. And I would be worthy of exile without mentioning Michael Giacchino’s music. As always, some excellent background music must catch the right atmosphere of the film, the character of the character. That’s what the Oscar-winning composer Up (2009) brought to the Rogue One. He blows the old tunes and turns them into magic, while bringing new, rich, emotional music to the scenes. Many hearts will continue to beat when “The Imperial March” resound. And finally, we have a story line that will please those who have rarely watched the series since 1977 and who do not know what Star Wars is.

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