Safety, Risky and Insecure…

Recently, the words “safe” “dangerous”, “risk”, “insecurity” appear a lot in the speech space, his life. Apparently, if withdrawing life to the ground state, stripping away all the chaotic life layers, it will return to the original cause like that.

In the past, I participated in an improvisation workshop where you talked about the Certain / Uncertain pair with the idea that we are always moving between Certain / Uncertain as a way to create energy, a source of life for ourselves. . Certain Certain will always be boring, so sometimes need to slide to Uncertain for more fun and excitement. In Uncertain, there is something to do, from which to refresh or upset the feeling. But if you stay in Uncertain forever, it will be easy to tired, life threatening, so we instinctively return to Certain. The Life Cycle of Certain-Uncertain is in an endless series.

Then, in his talk with Jamie about his latest work, he also shared that what he pursued in his photography and life is “humanity”. People are always there, and giving yourself / giving others to others is always challenging. In other words, there is always “insecurity” for / in the work as well as the person doing it himself. In return, we touch on what touches us, a wonderful gift: People.

I really love those shares and really, deeply, I always want to experience, feel, feel and care for my current relationships, get closer to the people I love even though I knowing that the path is both soothing and so surprising (I don’t want to use the word “hurt” because I still think, hurt is the unintended thing in the actions of each person, the person doing it and the person who perceives it.) even if it is within the plan, it is understandable and thought differently in some way, but time also has true healing power. live even on breaks, grief to rust.)

One time, I was sitting in a coffee break in the waiting room for the teacher, my mind wandered when suddenly a voice directed to me: Where did you buy this bag? / I bought it in Hoi An. But I finally found out that selling here is also her / Yes, beautiful (she put her hand to the embroidery thread). She likes things made by hand. Meticulous, detailed and how much effort / Yes, I bought it a bit expensive / Yes, it’s okay.

It is important that I buy it in a strange place I go to, and then they do it manually is reasonable. / Hi hi I also like making things by hand / Yes, few people like to do in modern times hand, rather than actually doing it, it also gave me a lot of skills to improvise in life … Like her, when I lived at home, I depended on my father, until my husband married my husband died soon, then my dad having a seizure, so everything came into her hands. She kept the sewing machine so she could make appliances that sometimes couldn’t be bought. She still remembers the first memory when she broke a bicycle chain and had to wake up early the next day, so she had to fix it by herself ..v..v..v …

The conversation happened by chance and I no longer remember her face, but my emotions still penetrated. I felt that she came to the surroundings around her in an affectionate, loving manner without any sense of covenant, style or stereotype. She came with her brocade bag, as the approach of a few gazes was an alienation in the teacher’s choice of wearables, full of innocence due to some connection with her kindhearted hobby. Miss.

She values ​​the human quality of choices rather than the self-adjustment (social adjustment) of the social role in administrative environments. And so I find her generous. I’m not sure about her, so I don’t dare to say much, and probably what I think is also a story written on my own covenants…. It is just that we think, people have sorrow and still live so persistently with forward and joy. In a few hasty words to ask at the end, she said, “I teach the subject very well. My main subject is Sinh ”. As for me, I could only respond to the person who touched me: I thank you. You talk very well ….

I do not know how to make her understand that, for me, Disciple does not stipulate anything about her, it is important that the beautiful story she brings to me about people and life. And I guess anyone who makes her students will be lucky to meet such a joyful person. (I also think, she said that it is not necessarily that she is self-deprecating, just sometimes, in life, the Uncertainty makes people respond in a “business supply” or more simply cautious, humble. gave way).

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