“Sully” (2016) – The cooperation is successful between Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks

“Sully” was the first collaboration between Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks. Both can be considered “the hero” of Hollywood in particular, and the United States in general. Eastwood has been a symbol of the golden age of the cowboy series, and he has maintained a high status to date. But Hank is slowly falling in the symbol of the American’s hero. “Captain Phillips” (2013) or Bridge of Spies (2015) are examples. Such like “Sully”, Eastwood and Hank are the “captains” of decades of experience in their field.¬†They both know what to do.

Psychology is not the kind of memory people are reminded of when it comes to Eastwood, but it is the material that he is capable of mastering at the master level. Who can forget The Bridges of Madison County (1995) or Million Dollar Baby (2004)? Sully is, first and foremost, another achievement in Eastwood’s ability to exploit character psychology. What does a captain have saved 155 lives? Definitely more than a sense of pride. There is a phobia and fear, expressed by Eastwood nightmare early. There is heavy pressure from public opinion and investigation. There are family and life problems, debts and contradictions with his wife, Sully’s general portrayal: An ordinary man is faced with so many extraordinary things, at the same time.

Of course, what viewers are most interested in in a plane crash is the event itself. In the movie, Eastwood describes this incredible scene not one, but three times. Not a way to prolong the time, or repeat boring. That is the pressure that Eastwood wants the viewer to feel, according to Sully’s psychological behavior. Anyone who has had a near-death experience will understand that the memory of that experience is very blurry at the time. The brain is not strong enough to explain it. Then when it’s time enough, it’s clear and true. Every time Sully returned to the cockpit in the fateful moment, he became more aware of the importance and meaning of what he did. He was sure he was right.

Knowing that his book was adapted, Sully “really” wanted the film to convey the greatest spirit of goodness. “Everyone is suspicious of human nature. But the passengers were acting together, in a carefree way, to survive together. I think it will give people hope, when they need it most, “he said. Eastwood has done well with this request, as portraits of the passengers and the true landing scene as possible. There are no bad people, no pushing or attempting, as usual. This makes the scene seem trivial, lacking drama. But if you put yourself in the context of the passengers, we will feel strange beauty. Who can be evil, when just come back from life?

Another commendable point is that Eastwood has mastered the epic, in an epic poem. There are movie scenes that are easily bogged down in exaggeration, as when Sully stood counting the survivors, or strangers rushed into hugging him. Another scene was told to him, “We have not got good news for the plane long enough,” suggesting the Sept. 11 attacks. All are credible and pleasant, thanks to Tom Hank’s full-fledged acting. This is the type of role that Hank loved recently, and is almost available to him. Hank treats the scene as difficult, as during the hearing, as easy and natural as breathing. In collaboration with him was a brilliant Aaron Eckhart. In Hank’s inner performance, there is always the need for a double humor to regain balance. Eckhart does a great job of it, and it adds to the attraction of creating suspicion in some scenes. A surprised look in the cockpit, he makes the viewer asked himself: Do Sully have any other intentions? Jeff was Eckhart’s most prominent role since after the role of “white knight” in The Dark Knight (2008) – from which his career was halted.

Sully’s greatest achievement is to build a model of “heroic life” that we can encounter anywhere. Someone do a good job and is honored. And miracles, if any, always come from human ability. Sully’s decision is a result of years of experience, hard work, technical know-how. And for a moment, he believed in himself rather than the parameters. That is no machine, no matter how modern, can be replaced. That is why, always need people in the work related to human life.

Tom Hanks, again, shows that he is a bad companion on the trip. After the shipwreck, robbed, fallen plane, will be what? But to those with bloody adventures, they should be happy to see Hank appear. After every accident, he always had a good story to tell.


None of the 155 passengers and crew of US Airways Flight 1594 knew what awaited them on January 15, 2009. Including Captain Sully (Tom Hanks), Lieutenant Jeff (Aaron Eckhart). A normal flight like hundreds of other trips in Sully’s 40 years of experience has quickly disappeared. Flew less than 15 minutes, the aircraft collided with migratory birds, two engines were completely destroyed. Sully reported urgently. But in the decisive moment, instead of diverting to the nearest airport, he landed a helicopter down the Hudson River.

How many commercial flights are in distress, at the load and size of 1594, successfully landed? Before January 15, is not. There are too many adversely detrimental factors for the plane to go straight to the grave. No one, including the air traffic controller at the time, believed the 1594 could be intact, not to mention survivors. But “The Wonder of the Hudson River,” as the media calls the event, has happened. With her talents and experience, Sully successfully hit a heavy metal block of nearly 70 tons and saved all the people present on the flight. It’s almost impossible.

This story is fully documented in Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s memoir Highest Duty, Sully’s full name. The good news is that he was honored as a “hero”, becoming a legend in the pilots, as well as promoting research on safety methods on the water. The secret was Sully was investigated by the National Traffic Safety Board, accusing him of endangering the passengers. They tried to prove that the plane was safe if it was to fly to the airport. This is the material for the adaptation of veteran director Clint Eastwood, in the 35th film of his career.

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